When your care team is connected, paperless, and efficient, your client will thrive at home.

iHealthHome is a unique care management system connecting your care team to the home. 


Help your organization be mobile and agile, collecting and digitizing data to build health - for your business and for your clients. Today and tomorrow.

Caring for elders in their homes is complex, inefficient and siloed. Regulations, distributed partners and isolated categories of care all impede the aggregation of data and demand massive paperwork and consent forms.

Caregivers spend more time filling out documents than they do looking after people, and coordinating care can be overwhelming. iHealthHome supports shared planning and accountability with a set of secure, mobile, digital tools that expand caregivers' capacity to serve. 

Our cloud-based software connects the entire care team, integrates workflows, makes secure, digital record-keeping available on mobile devices, and easily connects to sensors and wearable monitors in the “last mile” – the client’s home. We solve today’s problems while preparing your business for the future.

Home-care agencies, care managers and healthcare organizations count on iHealthHome to cut waste, save money, grow revenue and crush silos.

iHealthHome makes it easy to manage a community of care.


Encircle your client with a virtual village. 

iHealthHome is great and I recommend it to any home care agency wanting to combine top quality care with a technology solution that will take your agency to the next level
- Kevin Call, Owner, Adeo In Home Care